Human habits and social behaviour inform an improvised process which combines collage, painting, and installation, sometimes of a public nature and not limited to the environment of a gallery. 

Gestural human marks are choreographed alongside structural hard edged forms. This is done by chopping and slicing paper with scissors and scalpels rather than art working with brushes. This creates an arena for me to pursue my concern and exploration of themes such as the human expectation for order over chaos, and our infliction of design over nature. 

I use paper for its utilitarian and familiar qualities. For me it is a material which is charged with emotion. It’s a love letter, a birthday card, the wallpaper of your first bedroom, a wrapped present, a gripping novel. The process of collage is to cut, assemble, build, rearrange and adjust. Its a learning and decision making activity which nods towards simple childhood play. 

Carnivals, makeshift shrines, allotment gardens, protest signage and handwritten notes are some of the found forms of expression which intrigue and stimulate my arts practice. I’m interested in the cultural artefacts and experiences that are created for celebration, mourning, demonstration, worship or survival which allow us, for a brief moment, to journey psychologically within the joy, sadness, meditation and belief, and freedom or dependence of our fellow beings.

I seek out human behaviour when it is free to play, but every game has a structure. My work is an expression of both.